Monday, July 14, 2008

second hand review/critique of "why women should rule the world"

recently a friend of mine read a book which she quite enjoyed. it is by a former clinton white house press secretary dee dee myers. according to my friend, myers makes many anecdotal observations about the differences between men and women. myers argues that while men are more individualist and independant, women care about relationships and emotions. she argues that these differences cause the oft seen trend of the independant/individualistic man refusing to ask for directions, while the women who places strong emphasis on relationships are always testing to see how strong the relationship is (i.e. questions that probe how much you care). although these don't seem to be based on scientific data they do "seem" intuitively correctly.

i admit i haven't read the book myself, it is part of my long summer reading list; but it seems like an interesting read. i hoped that just maybe someplace inside the chaos and commotion that is our modern world, a man can post a book review about a women empowrment book which he hasn't read and others will enjoy it.


Amazon page for the book

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