Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kobe is a Rat

The Magic won last night! Thank Goodness!

I am not a particular fan of either the Orlando Magic or the LA Lakers -- I wanted Cleveland and Denver to win in the Conference Finals-- but I hate Orlando less.

Like most things about LA, I just can't stand the Lakers. Especially Kobe Bryant. Which brings me to my inflammatory point: doesn't Kobe look like a rodent when he scowls?

As far as I know, he introduced this scowl during the Denver series after he made a crucial three pointer to sink Denver in game four (I think). But the distinct underbite and primitive look on his face remind me of some kind of pre-historic rat. I have yet to find the perfect photo of a rat to compare with Mr. Bryant, but take some time, look at the photo and try to tell me that he doesn't look like a rat.