Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Congratulations Ole' Savior

With 99% of the Primary vote in, I would like to congratulate Ole' Savior, Minnesota's imminent political Messiah, on attracting over 4,000 votes in the Republic primary.

According to his official bio, Savior was inspired by Ronald Regan's campaign, although he is a lifelong DFL-er. He claims to have left the DFL Party recently (check out the 2010 DFL convention podium) on good terms.

Savior ran on a platform that included:
  • suing oil companies for increased gas prices
  • A new Vikings stadium to be financed 25% by the Vikings, 25% by NFL and 50% by "Racino" at Canterbury Downs
  • A balanced budget--but not at the expense of the elderly or existing entitlement programs
  • Opening the State Fair year round--like Disney Land
While criticisms of GOP front-runner Tom Emmer raged that he had not got a strong endorsement of gun-owners or church goers, Savior boasts the endorsements of John Dillion III, Kevin Shultz, and Lee Murphy, who may very well be gun-owning church goers.

No word remains on whether Savior and his Lt. Governor of choice, Todd "Elvis" Anderson, will fight to remain on the ballot in November despite their loss in the primary. Take your time to decide Ole'; as Elvis sang, only fools rush in.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mystery Machine on Google Maps

Last night/ early this morning I got a bit impulsive (what are the odds) and started looking for pictures of the Mystery Machine van that used to drive around campus my Freshman year of College. I found two Mystery Machines in the Twin Cities. One (here here and in the warehouse district too) is too new and the wrong van to be the one that I saw around campus. I found another one that I think is it. It looks like the real deal.

There used to be this guy who looked like the 70 year-old ghost of shaggy driving that car. He was skinny, had a shaggy white goatee, and could have passed for a friend of William S. Burroughs. The two times that I saw him were probably the highlights of my Freshman year.

But I found something even better on my Mystery Machine search. Google Maps has captured the Mystery Machine. How sweet is that.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spanish-speaking RMs may save Utah from another SB1070

The Economist is reporting that Spanish-speaking RMs in the Utah Legislature may prevent Utah from going the way of Arizona. Here's to hoping...