Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter reads and finals

In response to my one reader's request (I didn't know that I had a reader), I will write again.

I just finished my third law school final in three days. Monday and Tuesday's exams went ok, although the eight-hour take home exam yesterday was kind of rough. But today's was a hundred times worse.

For the uninitiated, law school exams basically give you a story with a bunch of legal issues and then ask you to analyze the legal issues. This was one of those exams where about half-way in I couldn't see any more legal issues. Not a good sign.

I kept on writing, and decided I would stop thinking--that I was being too critical and should just write. Surprisingly, when I stopped think so hard I saw some more issues and wrote about them. It will probably turn out alright--sometimes I just like to complain.

I picked out some books for my Winter Break. (I do need to work on a brief for a class over break and should look for a job; and I want to play hockey; and I have a life, kind of; but I really want to catch up on my reading over the break). Depending on what I get for Christmas, it looks like I will read "The Stranger," ("L'Etranger" for you Francophones), by Camus, a book by Judge Posner on jurisprudence (Posner is a law professor at UChicago, jurisprudence means legal philosophies), and a book on the state of Climate Change science. Fun stuff, huh?

I may start The Stranger tonight. I think Camus' existential crisis would be a joyful reprise of my admin law exam. After that my brain will feel like this.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kobe is a Rat

The Magic won last night! Thank Goodness!

I am not a particular fan of either the Orlando Magic or the LA Lakers -- I wanted Cleveland and Denver to win in the Conference Finals-- but I hate Orlando less.

Like most things about LA, I just can't stand the Lakers. Especially Kobe Bryant. Which brings me to my inflammatory point: doesn't Kobe look like a rodent when he scowls?

As far as I know, he introduced this scowl during the Denver series after he made a crucial three pointer to sink Denver in game four (I think). But the distinct underbite and primitive look on his face remind me of some kind of pre-historic rat. I have yet to find the perfect photo of a rat to compare with Mr. Bryant, but take some time, look at the photo and try to tell me that he doesn't look like a rat.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sitting by the docks of the bay, wasting time.

I am currently in the petitioning process for law review.

Most law schools have at least one student-run journal. Although most of the articles are written by professors from various schools (students do contribute some articles), students select which articles they will run and edit those articles.

To get on a law review or journal you must petition. The petitioning process varies from school to school, but it usually includes a writing section and a cite-checking exercise. They gave us two weeks to petition. Mine is due on Monday.

Petitioning really couldn't have come at a worse time. The packets are available the day of our last final. For some reason I thought that I would be really motivated to write on. However, the 300 pages of reading for a slow reader on top of the cite checking exercise deflated most of my motivation.

We will see how this goes. However, all I can think about is Otis Redding singing "sitting on the docks of the bay, wasting time." (emphasis on wasting time).

While you are reading this or doing whatever you are doing, I suggest you enjoy a little Otis Redding.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Neiko Case on auto-tune

"There's technology like auto tune and pitch shifting so you don't have to know how to sing... It's like that taste in diet soda, I can taste it-- and it makes me sick." Neiko Case in a 2006 Pitchfork interview.