Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"So How About the Weather?"

I have to say the weather here in Minnesoter has been amazing the last couple of weeks. Most of you will probably disagree w/ me given the "cold" wet weather we have had a lot of recently, but it has worked well for me.

I started working for remodeling company last week. I have never done any kind of manual physical labor before, but it has been pretty fun. So far all that I have done is destroy floors and radiators with sledgehammers, chisels, and levers made of 2x4s. I haven't been this destructive to other people's property since I was 16. Not only has the work been fun, but the weather is cool. This particularly nice when I hated to spend 5 hours today tearing up the floor on a third story attic. Yesterday w/ the sun out it was a sauna up there. Luckily, yesterday was the only warm day that I have worked so far.

The other reason this weather has been so nice is the aesthetic value which raining adds to reading. I don't think I'm the only one who likes to cuddle up by the fire on a rainy day w/ a good romance novel, I mean Crime and Punishment. I seem to focus a lot better when it is raining, and you also don't have people interrupting your reading for tedious invitations to BBQ (I'm kidding, honestly.)

Aside from these two benefits of the added rain and cold weather, I just plain like it. There is something about things which are "depressing" which make me happy. I can't explain it in the least bit, but that's how it goes.

Hope you are enjoying the weather as well, wherever you are.

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Tony said...

The weather is icky. Bring back the snow, I'm tired of how muggy it is outside.