Monday, June 30, 2008

mormon cultural reforms

i was in slc last week attending a friends wedding at the slc temple. while in temple square i ran across an interesting scenario in the mens room of one of the buildings. in addition to the standard set of mirrors in front of you when you wash your hands, there was an additional set of mirrors on the wall facing your back. most of you i assume are familiar w/ this motif which we (mormons) apply to the mirrors in our celestial rooms of the temples. the two mirrors facing each other bounce images back off each other a seemingly infinite amount of times. this brings to mind the ffelings of the inifinite nature of our existence and particularly what we believe is the infinite nature of the work that is performed in the temple. however, this motif just doesn't do it for me in the bathroom. as much as i enjoy pondering the great unponderables, i rarely do so in the bathroom. if i do ponder them in the bathroom, it is on the pot; not while washing my hands. (sorry if that was too candid).

i did have some other interesting mormon cultural ideas too. my brother's friend evan (you are so emo btw) has had a longstanding desire to get a ctr tattoo. what better way to show your desire to obey the prophet then to have choose the right permanently written on your fore arm or back? i also found this very interesting collection of tattoos on the internet under the google search of "mormon tattoos" check it out, he has all the prophets of this dispensation from js to gbh (i can't wait until he gets tommy monson up there).
i told this to tom ferrara the other day, and he was stoked. we also got to thinking about ideas for tom's beard as he prepared to enter the mtc. tom as you may or may not know has a pretty rad beard, which i would put on par w/ yours trulie's awesome beard. a couple of months ago, tom also had some custom beard work done when he turned his chinstrap beard into lighting rays outlining his jaw bone. unfortunately, missionaries generally aren't allowed to have facial hair. our thought was, what if he got an angel moroni beard? think of the tool that would while tracting if he could sculpt moroni complete w/ trumpet out of his facial hair? who would be able to deny that truth has truly been restored? i may be a great cynic and skeptic myself, but if confronted w/ a man of tom's stature and an angel moroni beard at my own door step or even if contacted by him at a park, i would have no choice but to follow his counsel, attend church, read, pray etc. and eventually get baptized.
think about it, i think it about time for some cultural reforms.


Reuben said...

While I was a missionary, I knew an elder who had a large sun/moon/stars/ mural tattooed across his back.

If I ever got a tattoo, it would def be a religious symbol of some sort, though I doubt it would have any roots in mormonism.

lionheart said...

i definitely found your blog when googling "ctr tattoos" after joking about it with my friend. we're both turning 18 soon. :P this is HILARIOUS.