Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A moment of lyrical genius

I don't really pay attention to ads. I will usually see an ad 5-6 times before I know what product it's selling and it's sales pitch (if there is one). But, for some reason the Fergie Dr. Pepper commercial caught my attention. The jingle was actually kind of catchy. But it was the lyrics that had me enthralled. She starts of her rapping:

"Ain't nobody rockin' like this
Ain't nobody out there swift like this
Everywhere all I hear is this"
Yes, she rhymed the word this three times es in a row. Three times. Maybe she really liked the first line but could only come up with "this soda tastes like piss" so she decided to rhyme it with itself. And the last line? Everywhere all I hear is this?!?! Could you get more vague. Why on earth did you need to include that line in your rap!

Regardless of how she pawned the lyric off, I hope Dr. Pepper didn't pay much for those lyrics. Stay tuned, I have another music in adverts post on the way.


Tacy Marie said...

Chuck and I just had a long conversation about what makes a good song.... a continuing discussion that we bring up when we hear crap. I think the point of this commercial is just to see Fergie in a nighty... and the cherry stem in the mouth just an added bonus. I am sure Dr. Pepper thought that with this sex appeal it wouldn't matter what she said. This is what is wrong with a LOT of music today. Sex appeal does not necessarily mean good music.

Nate said...

I think you're probably right on the nighty thing, Tacy. After all what is a women but an object to behold.