Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The no-need-for-a-bucket-list list

Happy Valley fixture since the first Eisenhower administration, Joe Paterno, has indicated he intends to coach the Penn State Nittany Lions for at least another year. Coach Paterno is pushing 90, but still seems to have it in him. This brings me to a list I like to call the n0-need-for-a-bucket-list list. These are individuals who seem like they will never kick the bucket.

Some of these include:
  • Brett Favre - sure he's having a bad year this year, and may actually retire, but who's to say he wont be back in two years with a recuperated body and a grayer beard.
  • Sarah Palin - so she hasn't really been around that long, and she is still you, but it sure feels like she has been around too long. Time for you to take a bow.
  • Keith Richards - he's looked like skin draped over a skeleton since the mid-80s, in the mean time he has provided the creative impulse for Johnny Depp's captain Jack Sparrow, fallen out of a tree, admitted to snorting a dead man, put out several albums rehashing his bad work from the 70s, and toured the world several times.
  • Harry Reid - Hardini staved off political death, pulling his fractured political career out of a locked vault in the bottom of a lake in the Sierra Nevadas with a convincing win against Madame Maxine, er... Sharron Angle.
  • Paul Hyer - The man's an institution (and allegedly the third Nephite).
  • Lady Gaga - see Sarah Palin.
Those are just a few of those names. Who do you got?

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Melanie said...

I rented a house from Paul and Karen Hyer when I lived in Provo. We mostly dealt with Karen, but whenever we needed to mow the lawn, Paul would always dig out their ancient- seriously it is as old as him- lawn mower for us to use. I never knew he was the thirde Nephite, but I'm glad he won't be kicking the bucket anytime soon