Thursday, November 4, 2010

...and I'm a Mormon

Not that that's a surprise to any of you.

My profile is finally up. I initially attempted to post my profile two months ago. I am unsure whether there were problems with the content of the profile--if so, I was never told so--or if it was just an administrative difficulty. Originally, I had selected the above for a profile pic:

I didn't write in every category--strangely, I didn't have enough to say. (When does that happen?). And the posting stalled for a bit.

The other night I got on, changed my profile pic, wrote in all the categories that appeared to be required and changed the tag from the bland "I'm Nate and I'm a Mormon" to "I'm a money-making player and I'm a Mormon."

Apropos of allowing me to use the moneymaker tagline, I assume the Church didn't spend a lot of time censoring the content. They just have heavy administrative burdens.

Anywho, feel free to peruse my profile. Here's the address:

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