Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mystery Machine on Google Maps

Last night/ early this morning I got a bit impulsive (what are the odds) and started looking for pictures of the Mystery Machine van that used to drive around campus my Freshman year of College. I found two Mystery Machines in the Twin Cities. One (here here and in the warehouse district too) is too new and the wrong van to be the one that I saw around campus. I found another one that I think is it. It looks like the real deal.

There used to be this guy who looked like the 70 year-old ghost of shaggy driving that car. He was skinny, had a shaggy white goatee, and could have passed for a friend of William S. Burroughs. The two times that I saw him were probably the highlights of my Freshman year.

But I found something even better on my Mystery Machine search. Google Maps has captured the Mystery Machine. How sweet is that.

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