Friday, July 1, 2011

Alien lovin'

Katy Perry is blowing up the airwaves again. This time it's with her summer jam, E.T., which explores romantic encounters during alien abductions. Sound bad? it is.

The abduction analogy is carried on too long, and the extensions vary from comical to downright sick. After describing the joys of foreign, alien touch, Ms. Perry waxes poetic about her muse. "You're so supersonic" she announces, with no justification of how a fast lover can be a good lover. But spending time with the lover is not enough, she wants him to take her. "Take me," she commands, "wanna be a victim--ready for abduction." Anyone else creeped out by that abduction fantasy?

The song mightavoid outright laughter if not for the cameo by Kanye West. Kanye warms up with some space lifted from the Jetsons. "I know a bar out in Mars where they driving space ships instead of cars. Cop a Prada spacesuit about the stars." West really hits his stride when he announces that he has abducted Katy and "tell me what's next, alien sex." He rhymes "disrobe" and "probe" his victim, with a delivery that leaves no guess what instrument will be probing his abductee. Kanye is in on the rape fantasy. When his lover tries to leave "I abducted you! I tell you what to do, I tell you what to do!", he barks. Asserting his domination over the masochistic victim.

Not your type of loving? me neither. When I get around to it, I will post some of my favorite alien love songs.

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Tacy Marie said...

The alien lover fantasy has existed for quite sometime (Avatar is a recent example). It's kind of like the vampire sex obsession, and not just with Twighlight (Brad Pit in Interview with a Vampire was full of lusty-ness). I am not surprised that hip hop music has taken this opportunity to proclaim alien encounters as "OK!" (You have to say that with a Little John yell). I find this song and it's lyrics ridiculous and crude... yet I feel that way about 93% of music played on top 40 stations like KDWB and such. I don't think Katy Perry really wants to be probed by an alien, that's not the kind of karma you want to be sending into the universe...