Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In defense of Tom Brock

Minneapolis magazine Lavender outed outspoken Hope Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock of Minneapolis in an expose in this month's issue. Brock is famous for comments he made last year blaming last summer's tornado on the ELCA's decision to allow actively homosexual pastors in a committed gay relationship to act as pastors.

The reporter attended confidential meetings of the gay Catholic equivalent of AA. There is no admission that he faked his way into the Gays Anonymous, but my guess is that he did. He reported on the general conduct of the group as well as Brock's struggles with his homosexuality. I would agree that Brock is somewhat of a hypocrite. But he is a hypocrite in the sense that those who believe Christians are commanded to be perfect, yet they all fall short every day--not in the sense that he lied to those around him for material gain. (His Church acknowledges that he had confessed his homosexuality to them).

Brock deserves some credit. Whether you agree with his belief that homosexuality is a sin, his strident criticisms of it, or not, he was attempting to live according to his beliefs. He didn't drag a wife into the mess. And he wasn't caught with meth. Furthermore, the only reason this got outed was because someone followed him into a confidential meeting in order to expose him. If someone hadn't violated trust and ethical codes, he wouldn't have been outed.

Although I may agree with his moral beliefs. The God-caused-the-tornado vitriol is laughable. However, I have sympathy for a man who seems like he was doing his best to be true to himself and his God.

For the Lavender article here.

For a criticism by an LGBT blog of the of the ethics of outing someone for information in an AA-type meeting here.


Shaun said...

Are you familiar with "pastor" Brock's ministry? He makes the choice to put himself on the radio and television spewing hatred of homosexuality (not to mention his rants in the pulpit every Sunday). There is no defense for him. The article did not mention the names of any of the others in the support group. Why? Because they don't intentionally go out into their daily lives railing against homosexiality. The amount of damage that Tom Brock has caused is tremendous. Imagine a young parishioner coming to his church who was struggling with his/her sexuality and this HYPOCRITE is preaching. This is how suicide happens to young people. There is no defense for him.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to what Pastor Tom Brock is saying when he is "critical" of homosexuality, you will actually hear he is more critical of the churches that condone the behavior without identifying is as impenitent sin. If you have listened beyond the words homosexual you will hear that he condemns the sin and not the sinner. If you ever hear Pastor Brock talk about salvation you will hear him say that without Jesus Christ's death on the cross for the sins of EVERYONE including himself, he too would be condemned to hell.

Critics of Pastor Tom Brock please read this: What you are criticizing and chastising is NOT Pastor Tom Brock. What you are actually fighting is the Bible, which many believe is the inspired word of God. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin and that you risk spending eternity in hell by living in sin and not accepting Jesus as the begotten son of God. You can chose to believe the Bible or not believe the Bible. That is your choice, but you must also live with the consequences of that decision - good or bad.

Pastor Brock, a minister of the Gospel. choses to believe in the word of God and to fight for the salvation of souls. When he is speaking out to the church (NOT individuals) he is fighting for souls. He has stated that he at no time has engaged in homosexual behavior despite his temptations. Being tempted is not a sin. Again, remember you have a choice. If this is your struggle, how could Pastor Brock not not have compassion on you. As humans we are all tempted. Who hasn't been tempted.

Please listen to what Pastor Brock is really saying. If you are a homosexual, know that God loves you and Pastor Brock is fighting for your soul because he believes that your salvation is in jeopardy. Know that if God is real, you have a right to chose to believe that he loves you and wants you to spend eternity in heaven. You have a right and so does Pastor Tom Brock. Pastor Brock just wants you to know you have a choice.