Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fixing/abusing my camera

For almost a year my digital camera's LCD screen would go whitish-grey. This would happen on and off, and only on the photo and video settings--it would still show the Benq company logo when the thing turned on and it allowed me to look through previous photos.

I was mad worried that repairing the camera was going to cost me more than it was worth. I purchased the camera for $100 US in Taiwan five years ago and figured the technology is outdated by now. Tonight I looked online for any possible solution, knowing that I wasn't able to do any major electrical work. But if there was something simple to try at home before forking out the cash to fix it I would.

I stumbled upon a thread on a digital media repair website called "re: it actually worked!". The author of the thread had the same problem as I did. He claimed that he "held the camera in [his] left hand" and then flicked the lens with his right hand. I figured what the heck, it's pretty Office Space but what do I have to lose. So I flicked it. The lens made a clicking noise. And then the camera started working again. Who'd of thunk it.

Nate 1, Technology 0.

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