Monday, April 26, 2010

It's a moderate Republican's Congress, but who will cross party lines ?

After the tragic Massachusetts run-off election, this has become a moderate Republican's Congress. Because the Dems' 59-seat majority falls one vote short of the 60-vote super majority needed to beat a filibuster, an opportunistic moderate could step in and write a lot of the legislation that they like until next January when the mid-term electees are seated. Senator Graham has shown some promise of coming over to the dark side of bi-partisanship.

However, given the Senator McCain's recent trouble with the emerging far-right, having to recant his "maverick" title, it's unlikely that a Senator will take advantage of the chance to play the Anthony Kennedy of the Senate for fear of getting sacked by Palin's ilk in the GOP primaries.

It will be interesting to see how the Tea Party movement influences opportunistic moderates as Congress works on hot button bills for immigration, financial reform, climate change and the nomination of Justice Steven's replacement before the Fall elections.

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Young and Beautiful said...

*heart* Lindsey Graham...dixie