Thursday, January 14, 2010

Favorite love songs part I

I decided I would post a list of my 50 favorite love songs. My decision was based mainly on how much I liked the ideas they conveyed and how well they conveyed those ideas. What I found is that no one makes being in love sound more fun than the four lads from Liverpool.

Before I get into the countdown, there are some songs that were considered but didn't make the cut.

Got to Get You Into My Life
- Joe Pesci

This Beatles classic (which Sir Paul admits is partially based on his desire to start smoking pot), was murdered by Joe Pesci. It really ruins any kind of feeling that the original had.

Surprisingly with a countdown which is saturated with Beatles tunes, there were several Beatles tracks that didn't make the list:

Here There and Everywhere - it's a sweet song, but it's not one of Harrison's most compelling songs.

I Will - another sweet, simple love song. Compared with the masterpieces on the list by the Fab Four I couldn't justify including it.

Superstar - Sonic Youth

Another cover that takes an original to another realm. Thurston Moore transfers this saccharine 70's AM-radio favorite into an exercise in desperation and despair.

Art School Girl - Stone Temple Pilots

For all those art school girls out there.

Age of Consent
- New Order

Deserves mentioning for it's catchy up-tempo beat and the defiant chorus "I'm not the kind of guy who needs to tell you just what you want me to." My thoughts exactly.

Be My Wife - David Bowie

One of Bowie's quirky love songs allegedly written to persuade his then-wife to stay with him. She didn't, and I'm not sure if I blame her.

Drain You - Nirvana

Cobain's only real attempt at a love song aside from About a Girl.

Loving Cup - the Rolling Stones

Jagger shows his tender side on this Exile cut.

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