Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter reads and finals

In response to my one reader's request (I didn't know that I had a reader), I will write again.

I just finished my third law school final in three days. Monday and Tuesday's exams went ok, although the eight-hour take home exam yesterday was kind of rough. But today's was a hundred times worse.

For the uninitiated, law school exams basically give you a story with a bunch of legal issues and then ask you to analyze the legal issues. This was one of those exams where about half-way in I couldn't see any more legal issues. Not a good sign.

I kept on writing, and decided I would stop thinking--that I was being too critical and should just write. Surprisingly, when I stopped think so hard I saw some more issues and wrote about them. It will probably turn out alright--sometimes I just like to complain.

I picked out some books for my Winter Break. (I do need to work on a brief for a class over break and should look for a job; and I want to play hockey; and I have a life, kind of; but I really want to catch up on my reading over the break). Depending on what I get for Christmas, it looks like I will read "The Stranger," ("L'Etranger" for you Francophones), by Camus, a book by Judge Posner on jurisprudence (Posner is a law professor at UChicago, jurisprudence means legal philosophies), and a book on the state of Climate Change science. Fun stuff, huh?

I may start The Stranger tonight. I think Camus' existential crisis would be a joyful reprise of my admin law exam. After that my brain will feel like this.

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